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a nice little account of my recent trip down south. 

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Most recent Mail out


First off, please read this whole email, there’s good stuff to the end. Perhaps the most important right now doesn’t directly have to do with PSDSP or my music. I used to live on an incredible bus in Mexico that lead to the creation of the band BEAM and a lot of good art. The bus still on the road and doing many incredible things, but it is in need of some crucial maintenance and thus an idiegogo (like kickstarter) campaign has been started for that effort. Please consider donating and passing this info onto friends. At the least check out the video. It’s cool:
As for PSDSP, I write with the excellent news! I am done making Face the Day. Done as I ever will be. I cannot express how happy I am to have completed this process and how ready I am to make some new art. The record release will happen sometime this winter. In the meantime, my incredibly patient kickstarter supporters will receive their rewards, including pre-releases of the album. Thank you all for your patience and support. 
Please come to these shows:
Smiley’s THIS SATURDAY! 10/5, sort of a last minute thing, but we’re stoked. PSDSP will be blossoming in its natural habitat starting around 9. Jason Branyan on bass and Brent Elberg will be manning the drum kit with a precision and inventiveness sure to thrill you.9pm, 21+ $8
41 Wharf Rd. Bolinas CA

Saturday, 12/14/13 at Peri’s Silver Dollar Bar Very excited for this show. Planning some extra surprises and theatrics if not the actual CD release party. We will be in touch asap about the over-all premise of the evening, but main point is PSDSP will be breaking it down all night with the classic line up of Branyan on bass and the illustrious Michael Pinkham back on the throne. Don’t miss this show! 9m 21+ $5
29 Broadway, Fairfax CA
Also, come check out my gypsy jazz trio with Javi Jimenez (Beso Negro) and Greg Dunn. Saturday 11/30, at The Sleeping Lady. I’ve been playing and writing a lot more in this style and it makes my heart sing. Many originals and many classics. 
9pm, All ages, $8
23 Broadway, Fairfax CA

Thank you for your attention. Please spread the word about the record. Word of mouth is still the best way for a band to get noticed and appreciated. Also, facebook “likes” have become, much to my chagrin, an important metric for a band’s popularity and a major factor in booking agents’ decisions. If you haven’t liked PSDSP on our facebook page, please do:

Blessings and a joyous Autumn to all!
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Very accurately titled. This is when I discovered how important it is to physically look up when overcome with sadness. I’ve always thought this piece would go nicely in a film. Enjoy.

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Most Recent Email-out

Tonite! 6/23 with Jonathan Best at The Bicycle Works, in San Anselmo. Show begins at 7pm, is free, all ages and set in one of the coolest bike co-ops in the world. I will be performing solo and likely collaborating with my as-of-yet-unknown friend, Jonathan Best. Check the links
Sunday 6/30 at the Phoenix Theater in downtown Petaluma. This bill is off the chain! with Peck the Town Crier, PSDSP (full band), We Are The Men, and Fox and Woman. Every band on this bill is soooooo f***ing good. I am very stoked. 7:30pm $8, all ages.
Friday, 7/26. Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project at Smiley’s Saloon in Bolinas CA. My birthday show!!!! with the full band, featuring Brian Wilkerson on bass and Michael Pinkham on drums. We will be throwing down all night long. Please come out to celebrate and support. There will be plentiful grungy festivities, beach fun, family, food, LOVE. 9pm $10 21+ ($8 if you’re on the mailing list). Smiley’s also offers rooms at a reasonable price if you feel like waking up in beautiful Bolinas slightly hungover and full of joy. 
More shows in the works, soon to be announced. If you book or know someone who books bands, BOOK US! We are chomping at the bit to play music for you. More info at
As for the album; it’s coming. I promise. It’s been a disorienting but fruitful 2013 and I am realizing the record is almost ready. Far behind schedule, but also far from non-existent. I am not even going to throw another imaginary deadline up, but I hope to be mailing all Kickstarter rewards by the end of the summer at the latest, and will be sending out some rough mixes to tide you over soon. It sounds good. That, at the very least, is true. Thanks for your patience. It’s been a journey that cannot by hurried or forced, much to my delight and dismay.
Thanks for caring. I hope to see you soon at a show, or the beach. 
P.S. Please like us on Facebook. It’s trite, but it does actually help with publicity efforts-
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If You Will...

Art is the fruiting body of love, much like a mushroom is the fruiting body of a mycelium. When the conditions are right, love, or life-force, is converted from its hidden yet expansive existence into a magnificent perceivable embodiment. And, much like a fungus, art is a digestion of so much rotten stuff, a celebration of all the death and failure which feel opposite to love and life, but reminds us and emphasizes what health and happiness does exist. For what seems more fertile than a happy mushroom springing forth from a blackened rotting log, and what more triumphant than the sad song of a survivor?

Furthermore, this process is not auxiliary, but central to the survival of the given organism. You might go ahead and call art spiritual metabolism. 

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Late night improvisation a few days before a recent visit to Mexico. If my camera wakes up from its coma then I will post a canjo improvisation illustrating the medicinal effects of our southern neighbor, and its influence on free music. 

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Sun Ra. This is old. This is rad. These gentlemen had something really far out to say… it makes me rethink what it means to give a performance. May we all be so fearless and generous with our improvisations. 

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Lovely movie by Stephen Melin. Steve and I are shooting a lot these days. There’s many more good'ns on the way. 

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